Monday, August 22, 2011

Hoarding for the End Times. On TLC this Fall

It looks like a combination of the Hoarding shows meets the My Strange Addiction shows. But I'm all for preparedness when it come to the Apocalypse. Personally I haven't taken it this far, but the four couples featured on TLC's new show: Livin for the Apocalypse, are taking every precaution to ensure their families survive for as long as is possible, depending on the form in which the end of the world occurs.

If we go out with a bang, and a comet hits us, none of us has much of a chance. But if it's something like global warming (climate change) then stocking up seems like a decent idea. If we go out in a nuclear winter, pick up The Judas Syndrome series of Apocalyptic fiction and take from it what you can to either be at ground zero when the explosions go off, or stock up for a long and desperate life of nightmarish events.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Solar Storm Armegeddon

I say if the universe wants to wipe us out, that's all fine and good. This way we're not responsible for our own demise. And if our own sun is going to spit fire at us, then clearly the age of man is over. We cannot survive a true solar storm should the sun decide it's time for planet earth to undergo yet another transformation.
In fact, that little mountain village in France will be one of the first to go.

For a more comprehensive report on our pending death by fire, see this link

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