Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book two of The Judas Syndrome - A PA fiction series - is now featured on Indy Book List

Shaina Richmond has a wealth of experience marketing on-line and owns and operates Indy Book List offering support for her fellow self-published authors.
Today, Rebirth, the second of the dark fiction series entitled - The Judas Syndrome - is featured sharing over 3,000 words of the book with potential readers.

Indy Book List is a place readers can spend some time surfing through seemingly limitless offerings from multiple indy authors.

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For more on The Judas Syndrome series of dystopian fiction, visit this link

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Judas Syndrome featured on Indy Snippets

Find Michael Poeltl's The Judas Syndrome now featured on Indy Snippets, the go to source for independent author works.

Indie Snippets features 200 word, or less, excerpts from the latest indie novels and short story collections. And the term "indie" used here means self-published or published through a small press.

Here you won't find product descriptions, or the free samples you can already read at major publishing websites like Amazon. Instead, authors submit bite-sized passages from anywhere within their stories to give readers a flavor of what to expect. Google+